You And I In Flux I Used To Skate On Frozen Lakes / Conversations / 2006-08

In a cycle of these three bodies of work, Ania Dabrowska explores how the notion of home influences a sense of belonging and its impact on construction of our identity.  Turning away from a pure documentary tradition in favour of constructing layered narrative structures, she sets out to convey a sense of ‘in-betweenness’ that balances the acts of reinvention and remembering.   She discovers how an exploration of displacement, whilst testing the notion of “territories”, can create connections between individuals and lead to reformulation of contemporary subjectivities.

The subjects of You And I In Flux (2006-2007) portraits are first generation migrants of diverse national backgrounds, who have appropriated London as their home.  They are photographed in locations selected to represent what home means to them, revealing a relationship between their sense of belonging and the city.

I Used To Skate On Frozen Lakes (2008), is a series of landscapes linking autobiographical and collective memory. The photographs are sequenced from a back catalogue of artist’s work and dedicated to people depicted in You And I In Flux.  This re-appropriation of documentary photographs creates layers of non-linear narratives, interweaving personal journeys of the artist and the stories of portraits sitters.

Conversations (2008) is an installation of passport sized books containing transcripts of interviews with each of the subjects of You And I In Flux(2006-2007) about their understanding of a notion of home and experience of migration.

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