Pia Nebula, 2008

Pia Nebula (2008) explores a narrative of transgender identity in life of Pia, her universe infused with forces out of control.  The work comprises of photography and text installation, drawing on different aspects of Pia’s life and her considerations of philosophy, cosmology and ancient mythologies, interweaving documentary, symbolic, and metaphorical registers.  The attention is focused on different layers of subjectivity and understanding of one’s identity in contexts of astronomy, philosophy, and body politics.

The work maps out the ‘black holes’ of a personal universe, regions that have a gravitational field so powerful, that not even the ‘visible light’ of empirical knowledge can escape its pull.  What roles do science, religion and culture play in a process of gender transformation, and how is contemporary Western society re-aligning these concepts at the beginning of 21st century?


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