Memory Ends. 2011

Sound work

Created in collaboration with sound designer and composer Gaetano Serra. 

14 tracks fusing instrumental compositions, audio interviews with brain donors and sound recordings (including recordings from the Brain Bank, The Cambridge University Hospital)

List of tracks:

1 “Memory Ends. Instrumental”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 3’36”

piano, synthesizers, electric organ, harp, violins, cello, percussion, brass plate (brain bank), vortex mixer (brain bank), key, typewriter, chair, train, baby

2 “Brenda Buck”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 3’18”

narration: Brenda Buck, piano, violin, synthesizers, percussion, liquid nitrogen (brain bank), centrifuge machine (brain bank)

3 “Albert Webb”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 3’21”

narration: Albert Webb, piano, street music and crowd (Italy), ventilator and brain freezer (brain bank), key unlocking, steps on wood

4 “Ivy Pettifor”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 4’12”

narration: Ivy Pettifor, piano, violins, synthesizers, ocean waves, camera clicks, cryostabs machine (brain bank)

5 “Eric Stannard”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 4’06”

narration: Eric Stannard, piano, cello, harp, violins, bells, drawing

6 “Betty Munns”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 3’46”

narration: Betty Munns, piano, synthesizers, harp, stamp (brain bank), corridor (brain bank), camera clicks, pin dropping, elevator (brain bank)

7 “Leslie Whitfield”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 3’17”

narration: Leslie Whitfield, clock (Leslie’s house), cello, synthesizers, liturgical bells, clock chimes, children playing in water, glass

8 “Irene Overton”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 4’44”

narration: Irene Overton, piano, harp, viola, steam, coffee machine, cooking pots, running water (brain bank)

9 “Frank Walbank”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 1’55”

narration: Frank Walbank (speaking through an oxygen machine), synthesizers, harpsichord, violin, percussion, piano, steps on wood, typewriter, chair, vortex mixer (brain bank)

10 “Lucy Ridsdale”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 01’12”

narration: Lucy Ridsdale, piano, microtone machine (brain bank)

11 “Eddie Holden”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 3’26”

narration: Eddie Holden, harp, synthesizers, piano, burning wood, brain freezer (brain bank), fire, grilled meat, vortex mixer (brain bank)

12 “Ella Whiltshire”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 2’32”

narration: Ella Whiltshire, piano, dress zip, wedding bells, brass plate (brain bank), cooking pot

13 “Beryl Foreman”, Gaetano Serra /Ania Dabrowska, 2011, 3’24”

narration: Beryl Foreman, piano, violins, synthesizers, train, cooking pots, water drops

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