Get Lost, 2008

“People need straight away to pinpoint where they are.  It is as if they are pursued by doubts suggesting that they may be nowhere.  Surrounded by so many abstractions, they have to invent and share their own transient landmarks.”

John Berger, Hold Everything Dear, 2007

Pursuing interest in a concept of ‘in-betweeness’, Ania Dabrowska responds to the notion of latitude by reflecting on the implications of advances in technologies that offer permanent connectivity, and which track our precise location in the world.  What is the relation between the comfort these technologies claim to offer, and the dominant cultural pressure to use them?  What do we trade in these ongoing transactions, and what do we risk forgetting as the erosion of the boundaries between the private and the public, the  known and the unknown continues?  Are we becoming dependant on gadgets at the risk of jepeordising our ability to be alone, and the intimacy of direct and intuitive contact with people and places?  The work aims to affirm the importance of balance and of allowing ourselves to take risks, to venture out into physical and emotional realms of the unfamiliar.

“Get Lost” was produced for a group exhibition Circles of Latitude” by Latitude Photographers at the Four Corners Gallery, London, 2008. (Download PDF of Circles of Latitude press release)

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