PhotoVoice Methodology Series, 2008-11

See It Our Way: Participatory photography as a tool for advocacy, PhotoVoice Methodology Series 5, 2011

CD-rom with a booklet / 14 x 19 cm /23 pages / available as a free online resource or in hard copy from PhotoVoice >

Resource for organisations and individuals who advocate on behalf of marginalised or issue-affected communities to an effective tool for involving their beneficiaries in the development and implementation of effective advocacy campaigns. The development of this resource has been funded by the international charity World Visionas part of the See It Our Way project.  Ania Dabrowska was a lead facilitator on two of the projects used as case studies for this resource, working with young people affected by HIV in St. Petersburg, Russia and young people at the risk of trafficking in Tirana, Albania.

Content: Matt Daw, Contributors: Maia Woodward, Matthew Stephens, Jane Martin, CD-ROM and print design: Matt Daw, With thanks to: Ania Dabrowska, Lucy Williams, Jenny Matthews, and all the World Vision staff and participants from the See it Our Way and Youth as Agents for Change: Direct Voices projects

Therapeutic Photography: Methods for promoting positive mental health and well being. PhotoVoice Methodology Series 3. 2009

Lead author: Tiffany Fairey, Contributors: Sharon Horton, Pippa Hockton, Ania Dabrowska, Matthew Lea, Lucy Williams, Sarah Wellard, Diane Lightfoot

CD-rom with a booklet / 14 x 19 cm /23 pages / £9 /available from PhotoVoice >

This resource provides information on the use of photography as a tool for the support of people that experience mental distress. It is intended as a resource for arts practitioners, photographers, support workers and mental health service providers and users who are interested in using photography and initiating photography projects. It is the culmination of over ten years of experience of working with vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, together with the learning from two projects run jointly by PhotoVoice and disability charity United Response. It brings together project cases studies with frameworks and ideas for running your own project and aims to present an introductory overview of therapeutic photography methods.

Change the Picture: Photography with vulnerable women. PhotoVoice Methodology Series 2. 2008

Contributing authors: April Coetzee, Ania Dabrowska, Pippa Hockton, Tiffany Fairey, Additional contributors: Leila Segal, Caroline Irby, Kyna Gourley, Design: Sarah Watson, CD-Rom, Matt Daw

CD-rom with a booklet / 14 x 19 cm /28 pages / £9 / available from PhotoVoice >

This case study provides details about Change the Picture, a 16 month participatory photography project working with vulnerable women and street sex workers in the East End of London.  The publication provides exploration of the successes and challenges of the project, with best practice recommendations, images and writing by the participants.  It aims to share learning and experience with others working with vulnerable women to encourage understanding about participatory photography as a tool to raise confidence, inspiration, creativity, and to give voice to a hidden, vulnerable group.  Ania Dabrowska was a lead workshops facilitator and a contributor to the publication.

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