Chiaroscuro, 2008

Catalogue cover

Intro by Sophie Wilson

inside layout

Chiaroscuro, A Pharos Gallery production, printed by Fingerprint Communications, Cover Image and design by Taren McCallan, Text by Sophie Willson, 2008

35 pp / Paperback / 15 x 21 cm

Exhibition catalogue for: Chiaroscuro, Pharos Gallery, London, 2008, Curator: Sophie Willson, Artists:  Alex Booker, Wayne Chisnall, Ania Dabrowska, Hannah Dakin, Karl EnglandElizabeth Gosling, Lucy May, Eva Lis, Teren McCallan, Ryan Mcclelland, Stephen Morallee, David RusbatchNeil SeligmanRita Soromenho, Ella Thumim Andy Wicks, Ben Yates

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