2007    MA Photography, LCC, University of the Arts, London
2001    BA (Hons) Media and Communications (1st), Goldsmiths College, University of London

2008-11   Wellcome Trust People Award
2007       National Portrait Gallery Photography Prize , London
2003       Winner of the Observer Hodge Photographic Award, London

2014         Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, Lebanon
2012         Dharamshala International Artists’ Workshop, IndiaKhoj Artists’ Association (Delhi) & White Crane Arts & Media (Dharamshala) with support ofPolish Cultural Institute, Delhi
2010-12   The Creative Space programme, Arlington / SPACE , London

2016    Ania Dabrowska, Lebanese Archive, Art Factum, Beirut, Lebanon
2013    Conversations About Archive: Ania Dabrowska, Four Corners Gallery, London
2o12    House of Homeless, Arlington, London
2011    Mind Over Matter, Wellcome Trust Project, Shoreditch Town Hall, London (publication)
2008  Pia Nebula, Tenderpixel Gallery, London
2008  The Bunker Show, This Is Not A Gateway Festival, London
2005  Someone’s Mother, Someone’s Daughter, Shoreditch Town Hall, London
2004  Between You And Tomorrow, Studio Lounge Gallery, Waterstones, London
2002  Tailored Light, Baltic, London
2001  MEXIconFUSION, Curzon Soho Gallery, London

2014  Editions, Uncertain States & Four Corners, Four Corners Gallery, London
2013  Uncertain States /2013, The Bank, London (catalogue)
2013  Brains: Mind as matter, Wellcome Collection, Museum Of Science & Industry, Manchester, UK (catalogue)
2012  Uncertain States / 2012, Espacio Gallery, London (catalogue)
2012  Art Takes Times Square, Artists Wanted, New York, USA
2012  Brains: Mind as matter, Curated by Marius Kwint and Lucy Shanahan, Wellcome Collection, London (catalogue)
2011   Satellite Projects, Artists: Jessie Brennan, Chris Dorley-Brown, Daniel Lehan, Ania Dabrowska, Juneau      Projects, SPACE Gallery, London
2011  At the Edge of Logic, Artists: Peter Ainsworth, Benjamin Becker, Ania Dabrowska, Hannah Dakin, Tess Hurrell,   Abigail Reynolds, Rita Soromenho Plataforma Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2011  Status Update, Latitude Projects, Format11, International Photography Festival, Derby, UK
2010  Boom Comes the Houses, Bust comes the Art, Reclamation Gallery, Dayton, USA
2009  Opulence Show, Latitude Photographers, Alternative Arts Photo Space Gallery, London
2009  I Always Knew You’d Come Back, Latitude Photographers, Swanfield Yard Gallery, London (with artist book)
2009  I Always Knew You’d Come Back, Latitude Photographers, Latitude Festival, Suffolk, UK
2009  I Always Knew You’d Come Back, Latitude Photographers, Format09, International Photography Festival, Derby, UK, UK
2008  Chiaroscuro, Pharos Gallery, London (catalogue)
2008  Hosted, Curators: Barbara Hölbling, Mario Höber, Artists: Maria Lassnig, VALIE EXPORT,Ingeborg Lüscher,  Ines Doujak, Otto Muehl, Herbert Boeckl, Anton Kolig, Hans Bischoffshausen, El Hombre, Franz Vana, Bruno Gironcoli, Tone Fink, Franz Pichler, Jörg Schlick, PRINZGAU/podgorschek, Joseph Beuys, Roman  Signer, Daniel Spoerri, Jürgen Messensee, Dieter Roth, Andy Warhol, Ania Dabrowska, Max Weiler, Peter Skubic, (catalogue)
2008   Circles of Latitude, Latitude Photographers, Four Corners Gallery, London
2008  Into the Open, Artists: Ania Dabrowska and John Nassari, Four Corners Gallery, London (publication)
2007   MA Photography Final Exhibition, LCC, University of the Arts, London, (catalogue)
2007   NPG Photography Prize 2007, National Portrait Gallery, London
2007   NoBody’s Perfect, Artists: Niko von Glasow, Ania Dabrowska, Roncalliplatz, Cologne, Germany (publication)
2006   Elefest Exhibition, Elephant & Castle public subway, London
2006   Distortions: Challenging the Real Through Photography, La Viande Gallery, London (catalogue)
2005   Fotofeast, Photomonth, 99 Studio Gallery, London
2004   Christmas Exhibition, Gallery 102, London
2004   Snap, Gallery 102, London
2004   Summer Exhibition, Lang Gallery, London
2003   Launch Exhibition, Lang Gallery, London
2003   Exposure, The Hereford Photography Festival, UK
2003   The Observer Hodge Photographic Award Exhibition, (winner), The Newsroom Gallery, London


Mind Over Matter project by Dr Bronwyn Parry and Ania Dabrowska, Talk, Science Festival, University of Cambridge, UK
Archive: Record, Catalyst and Fiction, Martin Barnes, V&A, Ania Dabrowska, Melinda Gibson, chaired by Sue Steward, London Art Fair
Archives and Participatory Practice Symposium, The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University, London

Collaboration in Art: Uncertain States, Ania Dabrowska, Diab Alkarssifi, PhillipsKennard, Talk chaired by Sue Steward, V&A Museum, London
Disposable: Heather McDonough, Adele Watts and Stuart Smith in conversation, chaired by Ania Dabrowska, Four Corners Gallery, London
PICS Festival – Photographic Images Changing Society, PhotoVoice/Fotosynthesis, RichMix, London
Photographers’ Forum with artists Ed Thompson, Gayle Chong Kwan, Louis Quail, Ania Dabrowska – Chair, Four Corners Gallery, London


Participation in Photography: Memory, Archives and Authorship Symposium, Urban Photofest Festival, Fotosynthesis / Goldsmiths, London
Ania Dabrowska: Memoria, The Uncertain States First Tuesday Talk, Uncertain States, London
Meeting Place with Christine Borland: Ania Dabrowska and Prof Bronwyn Parry, BALTIC MILL 39, Newcastle, UK
PICS Festival – Photographic Images Changing Society, PhotoVoice/GlobalNet21, Westminster, London
Art and Social Change – Open Forum event at Circus Fest, Roundhouse, London
Can Photography Change Society?  PhotoVoice / London Art Fair

Representing the Contentious, Symposium, Shoreditch Town Hall, London
Ethics of Brain Donation, Science and Art, Panel Discussion, Dana Centre, Science Museum, London
Cities in Conflict, conference, The Centre for Urban and Community Research and Unit for Global Justice,   Goldsmiths College /ICA, London

Eye of the Storm, symposium, Art Catalyst, Tate Britain, London
Conversations with Lucio, Gary Carter’s presentation Learning to Kiss, TexX Amsterdam
About Latitude Photographers, Collective Encounters, Photographers’ Gallery, London

A Game of Consequences, IGRS, Senate House, London

Pecha Kucha, ICA, London
Photographers’ Forum, Four Corners Gallery, London
Memory and Archives Symposium, Reading University

Intimacy in Reasearch, CSISP symposium, Goldsmiths College, London

A Game of Consequences, London Consortium, STATIC magazine, ICA, London
A Game of Consequences, Photomonth Festival, Whitechapel Gallery, London


A Lebanese Archive. From the collection of Diab Alkarssifi by Ania Dabrowska, Artist’s Book, Published by Book Works and the Arab Image Foundation, London, Beirut

Lebanese Archive, Ania Dabrowska, Uncertain States 16 (photography newspaper)
Conversations About Archive: Ania Dabrowska, Exhibition Review,  Hackney Citizen, published Sept 2013
Pierced Memories: The Lebanese Archive of Diab Alkarssifi, Ania DabrowskaYadaliyya E-Zine, Published 1/05/2013

Uncertain States 11 (photography newspaper),
Uncertain States 10 (photography newspaper),
 Wellcome Collection exhibition. (catalogue )
It’s a brain of two halves when those little grey cells come out to play. Review by Jenny Gilbert, The Independent On Sunday, 1//04/2012
The Enlightenment.  Home: Where the Art Is. The Big Issue, No 1009, 16/07/2012
London Homeless in New York, Evening Standard, 14/06/2012

Mind Over Matter: Memory, Forgetting, and the Search For Cures for Dementia, Bronwyn Parry and Ania Dabrowska, Practice and Theory, London (book)
Mind Over Matter project. feature, The Culture Show, BBC1, 14/10/2011
Meet The Donors. Audio slideshow, BBC News website, published 10/10/2011
Los donantes de cerebros, Mind over Matter, El Mundo, online edition, 07/11/2011
What it means to donate your brain. Tiffany O’Callaghan, CultureLab, New Scientist, online edition, 14/10/2011
Brains trust. Angus Montgomery, Design Week, online edition, 17/08/2011

Breakthrough, TedX Amsterdam (catalogue),
Therapeutic Photography. Consultant. Methods for promoting positive mental health. PhotoVoice Methodology Series 3 (DVD)

I Always Know You’d Come Back, Latitude Photographers (artist’s book)
Critical Cities, Editors: Naik D. & Oldfield, T., Myrdle Court Press, London
NoBody’s Perfect, Niko von Glasow, Ania Dabrowska, Publishd by Elisabeth Sandmann, Germany
I Don’t Sing: A book of poetry and photography, Editors: Ania Dabrowska and Danielly Walker-Hudson, Published by U-Turn Project, London

2008 – 2003
Into the Open: Ania Dabrowska and John Nassari, Essays: Marfleet, P,, Cross, K, Kempadoo, R, Four Corners Gallery, Published by PhotoInsight, London
Hosted, Austria, 2007 (exhibition catalogue)
Gravity of Desire, Tresspass Magazine, London, 1/2007
Memory Espionage, Independent Photography Magazine, London, Issue Autumn/Winter
London Migrants, Index on Censorship, London, Spring Issue
Strictly Business: Cause and Effect: U-Turn, Nancy Waters, Dazed and Confused, London, March
Stutthof – Hitler’s first concentration camp in Poland. Timothy Snyder, Index on Cenzorship, London, 2/2005
21st Century Heroes, Portrait of Rio Vella, Nick Broomfield, Harpers and Queen, London, Oct
In From The cold, Ed Vulliamy, Observer Magazine, London, 11/04/2004
Observer Hodge Photographic Award 2003, Wolfgang Tillmans, Helena Christensen, Observer Magazine, London, 3/08/2003
Meet the Neighbours – excursion into ‘New Europe’, Umberto Eco, Index on Censorship, London, 3/2004
Imber Village project, Artangel, Dan Fox, Frieze Magazine, London, 10/2003


2008   Change The PictureCurator of an exhibition and producer of advocacy campaignBaltic, London, U-Turn Project/PhotoVoice
2007    Nobody is Perfect(dir. Niko von Glasow), DOP / Photographer, Palladio Films, Germany/UK, (German Film Prize Winner, 2009)

2013 – 14   Lecturer, BA & MA Photography, Digital Practice, The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University
2013           Visiting Lecture, BA Photography, Lebanese Archive project, Ania Dabrowska, Notre Dame University, Beirut, LebanonLebanese Archive project, Ania Dabrowska, Notre Dame University, Beirut, Lebanon
2007-10   Lecturer, The Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art, University of Oxford
2006 – 12  Visiting Lecturer, MA Photography and Urban Cultures, Goldsmiths College, University of London


2014:   Online Activism, Mentor and Lecturer at the Free Press Unlimited workshop for journalists and online activists from South Caucasus, Tbilisi, Georgia
2013:   Having Our Say Too, sexual exploitation of children, London, NWG / PhotoVoice, London
             Shutter Release, with women in the justice system overcoming addictions, PhotoVoice/Diversity in Care, London

2012:   Lookout UK, young people’s view on gangs and knife crime, PhotoVoice/Chapter 1, London
              The Creative Space programme, homeless men and women, SPACE, London
              Having Our Say Too, sexual exploitation of children, Middlesbrough and London, NWG / PhotoVoice, UK

2011:   Look Out London, young people on gangs and knife crime, PhotoVoice / Chapter 1
Your Future In The Creative Industries, PhotoVoice, Rich Mix, London

2010:   See It Our Way, anti-child trafficking campaign, PhotoVoice, World Vision, Albania
It’s My Life, Photography and creative writing, CAST, London

2009:   Youth As Agents of Change, youth living with HIV, PhotoVoice, World Vision, Russia
It’s My Life, Photography and creative writing, CAST, London
Mental Health, PhotoVoice, United Response, Bognor Regis, UK
Trafficked, PhotoVoice, Poppy Project, London

2004 – 2008:  Partner organisations: CAST, PhotoVoice, U-Turn Project, The British Council, FATAL (London, Cyprus)



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